Crafting the sting
that makes your

brand stick

Swiftly transforming small businesses, start-ups and non-profits into impactful and memorable brands, so that you can attract your ideal hive.

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How we work

Check out how we work, unless of course you aren’t interested in pin pointing exactly where your business needs improvement.


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Beware of working with us

Working with Hive180 isn’t for the timid—prepare for a brouhaha of activity and success that stings and sticks!

You shouldn’t
hire Hive180!

Said by no one, from nowhere.

“Leslie is the ultimate professional. She advised and guided me through the development and design process seamlessly and quickly. Within the first 3 weeks of my “live” Hive 180 website I’ve had at least 7 new project inquiries and signed a contract for a client I’ve been trying to work with for years. The website has already paid for itself 10 fold and its been up for less than a month!”

Sharon M.


“As a growing mid-sized consulting firm in NYC we decided to go outside the box and use a new marketing firm where we were not just a number. 30 years in business, 5 websites and never have we had a more professional, creative and responsive team. They have exceeded our expectations on every level and highly recommend them. Thank you Hive 180!!!”

Scott S.

Owner, Environmental Consultants

“I have worked with Hive180 for years, and when we went through the BrandBuzz and Bee Branded experiences, we were blown away. Never have I felt so heard and had my visions executed so seamlessly. Their creativity, communication and professionalism is top notch.”

Michele M.

Executive Director, Non-profit

Asked Questions

Here’s where curiosity sparks and some questions find their spotlight—others, well, they learn to bask in the shadows of our sassy wisdom.

What types of businesses do you work with?

We work with solopreneurs, and service-based businesses. Think architects, builders, producers, consultants, restaurants, doctors, lawyers, and non-profits. Not sure if your business is a fit? Set up a fit call, we’re happy to discuss.  


How long do projects take?

After your fit call and BrandBuzz™, upon engagement, you can expect clear expectations and firm deliverables. Efficiency is our game, as is communication. Typical BeeBranded™ projects turnaround in 1-2 weeks.


Did you know this? SO amazing!

Bees are the only insects in the world that produce food for humans. Honey is the only food that contains all the nutrients necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


What do we have in common with bees?

Bees communicate by dancing. The waggle dance conveys the direction and distance to a food source. Your Hive180 team can “dance” with clients to communicate your brand vision clearly. Just making sure you’re paying attention, but cool nonetheless.