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Why Content Matters

Ah, content. The one thing folks are just now beginning to understand. For those of us that don’t know what content is, let Hive 180 define it. Content can be the verbiage, blogs, videos, images and all other page filler that you have on your website to deliver your...

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Using Instagram for Business

You’ve scrolled through Instagram before, right? It’s pure viewing pleasure. Users spend hours and hours scrolling through high-resolution images of fitness models, dogs, cats, and food we’ve never seen the likes of before. Given the time users spend on the app, have...

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How To Choose A Drone Photographer

It’s hard to give advice on how to choose a drone photographer without first looking into the history of drones and why they’re becoming so important to the commercial market. Drones were originally created to be used by the military. An interesting fact is that the...

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Artificial Intelligence As A Marketing Trend

The main character in the Netflix series, Altered Carbon, wakes up two hundred years in the future. As he’s exploring his new surroundings, he’s bombarded with hundreds of advertisements that are virtually beamed into his brain; so many that he becomes overwhelmed by...

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Top 3 Reasons NOT to Blog

You have no time. Writing blogs can be incredibly time consuming. Anyone who actually has a name for being a blogger has done it for a really long time, and worked really hard to get where they are. Even if you’re simply writing a blog to share industry information on...

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VIDEO MARKETING: Why your business needs it!

Video, why does your business needs this essential marketing tool? Videos build trust - video lends a personality and deeper connection, allowing your clients to feel more engaged with you and your company. Videos tell a story - Our brains processes visual...

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Why We Recommend WordPress

Reason 1: WordPress is the most popular website platform on the internet. It comprises nearly 60% of all content management systems, with only Drupal a distant second at less than 3%. The total number of WordPress websites at time of publishing this blog...

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