Artificial Intelligence As A Marketing Trend

Jun 7, 2018

The main character in the Netflix series, Altered Carbon, wakes up two hundred years in the future. As he’s exploring his new surroundings, he’s bombarded with hundreds of advertisements that are virtually beamed into his brain; so many that he becomes overwhelmed by the sheer amount of personalized messages he’s receiving. Hopefully, things won’t get to that. But the age of artificial intelligence in marketing and personalized advertising is here.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is any technology that mimics human intelligence. It can respond to questions, make decisions, and recognize images or speech. Most of us think of robots and science fiction stories set hundreds of years in the future when we hear the phrase “artificial intelligence” and that’s partly true. Essentially A.I. is a robot. But robots don’t always have to have a physical form; we give them that form for dramatic effect or to make the idea of interacting with another intelligence easier to accept. But really, A.I. can be anything from predictive text to chat-bots to the increasingly popular smart speakers made by Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is any technology that mimics human intelligence. It can respond to questions, make decisions, and recognize images or speech.

In regards to digital marketing, artificial intelligence will be able to use big data captured from social media and internet user habits to interact with customers throughout the customer journey. Companies will be able to personalize their customer’s experience; from attraction and nurturing to converting and relationship building.

How A.I. Will Be Used In Marketing

As the technology improves, the number of possibilities for its use will increase. Here a few of the ways A.I. is being used now and will be used in the future:

  • A.I. created content – Using elements collected from datasets, A.I. can create content seemingly written by a human in seconds. The Associated Press began using an A.I. platform called Wordsmith to drastically increase stories based on earnings data from 300 per quarter to over 4,400 per quarter.
  • Content curation – similar to the “customers who bought this also bought…” but applied to blogs or articles on your site.
  • Voice search – consumers are becoming used to activating their phone using their voice or talking to their home assistants. The data collected from these interactions can be used improve the customer experience.
  • Conversion modeling – A.I. will be able to predict the likelihood of a customer converting, and at what stage in the sales funnel the customer is more likely to convert at.
  • Lead nurturing – Artificial intelligence can be used as a marketing solution to determine whether a lead is worth pursuing, needs a bit more nurturing, or is hot.
  • Customer service – A.I. can determine which customers will be more likely to purchase again and when, or to identify customers who may decide not to purchase again. Targeted messages can then be sent before the customer reaches that decision.


2018 Trends in A.I. Marketing

The latest developments in artificial intelligence for marketing are being made in the areas of social media image recognition, marketing campaign personalization on an individual basis, and conversational marketing.

Social media image recognition

Images posted to social media offer an amazing amount of insight into consumer behavior and preferences, but for a human, it’s an impossible task to sift through the millions of photos posted per day. With A.I. handling the task, marketers can learn where products are consumed or how well product placement works.

Individual personalization

After analyzing consumer habits, A.I. will be able to recommend personalized content based on when a customer starts their journey and/or where they are in the sales funnel.

Conversational marketing

With the continued development of chat-bot tech, A.I. will be able to determine what content is relevant to each customer conversation allowing marketers to deliver the right content at the right time.


With the data collected every day from users’ online habits and social media, marketers will be able to get to know their audience on an extremely intimate level. Artificial intelligence will be the key link that allows marketers to understand a customer’s needs in better detail, while the customer will gain a better understanding of a brand or product. We are heading to a future where marketers will be able to use A.I. technology to reach customers on a level once reserved for science fiction stories. Contact Hive 180 if you’d like to find out more on how artificial intelligence can become part of your company’s marketing strategy.

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