Community Agriculture Alliance

A non-profit with a solid mission: To preserve agriculture in the Yampa Valley by initiating and supporting programs and policies that benefit and connect producers, consumers, and the community.

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There’s a need to streamline branding and messaging for diverse audiences, further identify target markets, and adapt to expansion, all while maintaining the organization’s foundational principles. With a multitude of programs and services, there is a challenge in communicating a cohesive message to the broader community. This disconnect leads to confusion as the community struggles to comprehend the strategic roles and extensive impact of the organization.


By rebranding the Community Agriculture Alliance and Local Food Market, and applying new brand standards to all marketing elements, the Community Agriculture Alliance will educate the community at large on the benefits and opportunities of involvement with the organization, and have ease in internal messaging consistency.


  • Dynamic rebrand
  • New website to reflect current goals
  • Consistent branding materials for all mediums
  • Professional photography
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