Steamboat Symphony Orchestra

A mission to integrate the experience of orchestral music into the heart of their community, to deliver outstanding professional performances, and to provide music education that is accessible and compelling.

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Under the baton of a newly appointed and energized Executive Director, the Steamboat Symphony Orchestra stood at a crucial crossroads. Faced with the challenge of resonating with the next generation of classical music enthusiasts, the orchestra recognized the urgent need for a reinvigorated brand and a more captivating voice. This wasn’t merely about altering logos or updating color palettes; it was a deeper call for transformation. The orchestra sought to weave a rich tapestry of sound that appealed not only to its loyal patrons but also to the hearts of younger audiences yet to discover the timeless beauty of symphonic music.


The rebrand for the Steamboat Symphony Orchestra is rooted in deep listening and collaborative innovation. Recognizing the importance of inclusivity and longevity in the new brand identity, we embarked on a journey to harmonize the traditional with the modern, ensuring that the essence of the orchestra would resonate across generations.


  • Dynamic rebrand
  • New website to attract expanding target market
  • Promotional materials consistent with brand goals
  • Professional photography
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