How we work

Dive into our hive’s workflow, where we get the buzz on your goals and spin up a custom game plan faster than you can say “that stings!”. We’ll morph your brand from just another drone in the hive to the one with the sweetest honey, all in the span of about a week.
Brace yourself for a brand transformation that elevates you from the background buzz to the standout star of the hive. Get ready to craft a presence that turns heads and drives tangible results.


Book a 15 minute fit call

Let’s chat to see if we’re a fit to work together!


It’s a deep-dive interview where we will get to know everything about your business. Where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go! And then, we’ll tell you what your BeeBranded™ opportunity is, and what you need to start and stop doing, to own it!

Then you can implement on your own, or hire us to take care of it for you.

Cost of the BrandBuzz™ is applied to the full project if you move forward. Lots of people just buy the BrandBuzz™, cause it’s so valuable on it’s own.


BeeBranded™ Lite

With the clarity of our BrandBuzz™, we execute our recommendations to accomplish your business goals. Our BeeBranded™ Lite can include branding fundamentals such as a logo, graphics, basic website development, and other brand elements to get you in front of your clients or customers!


*Cost of the BrandBuzz™ is applied to the full project.


BeeBranded™ is our most popular package and is for clients who need more robust branding. This includes fundamentals offered in our BeeBranded™ Lite, and may include a larger or higher functionality website, additional branding collateral, social media templates, or newsletter templates.


*Cost of the BrandBuzz™ is applied to the full project.

BeeBranded™ Accelerator

BeeBranded™ Accelerator is for those clients who want to amplify their brand with even more extensive functionality, may include custom photoshoot, video production, more advanced website integrations, or complete copywriting.


*Cost of the BrandBuzz™ is applied to the full project.

Or something else…


Snag the Hive180 squad exclusively for a solid 3-hour blitz—no other clients, no distractions. We’ll hustle through as much magic as we can conjure up live, right before your eyes. Show up locked, loaded, and ready to roll because once our clock hits zero… let’s just say, you won’t have to hit the road, but you gotta clear the hive!

*please schedule a fit call to ensure this is the right choice for you!