Your brand is your story, your brand is your culture, your brand is your promise. What do you want it to say?

Branding development is so much more than just a logo graphic. Start by asking yourself these questions…what is your mission? What your strengths and benefits as a company? Who is your target market? What is the competition? We begin every brand development project with market analysis, competitive analysis and marketplace standards.

Branding is by definition the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates your product or service from the competition. An effective brand encompasses 5 general principles: it should be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate.

Hive 180 will also ensure that your brand is consistent across all platforms. Be it print projects or digital, social media or your own website, your brand needs to be the proper file format, size and color palette, every time. These branding standards are our standard practice.

Here are some of the logos we’ve designed to represent a diverse portfolio of brands. Custom designed for each entity, and as different as the companies they represent.


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Branding Portfolio