Top 3 Reasons NOT to Blog

Mar 7, 2018 | Hive 180, Marketing, Websites, Wordpress

You have no time. Writing blogs can be incredibly time consuming. Anyone who actually has a name for being a blogger has done it for a really long time, and worked really hard to get where they are. Even if you’re simply writing a blog to share industry information on your business website, if you don’t have time to post regularly, don’t bother.

You don’t like creating content. And lots of it. Some businesses re-post blogs from other writers, and if credited properly, this is ok. BUT, fresh, relevant and current content is what successful blogs are made of. If you don’t enjoy writing, reconsider.

You don’t engage on social media. Once you’ve created a blog, in order for it actually help you engage with your customers or clients, you have to “get it out there”. So social media is a requirement of blog promotion, are you into it?

Ok, so none of these reasons have scared you off and you still want to blog?

Now let’s get into it! How do you get started? Meeting with a professional marketing firm to create your voice, design, develop the brand and implement the software on your existing website or create a stand-alone platform could be your next step.

If you truly can commit the time, enjoy writing the content, and are willing to engage on social media, blogging can help your business tell it’s story. It can create a personal conversation with your audience. Be sure to choose topics of interest and keep it a reasonable length, with targeted information.

Blogging, when done right, can be a cost-effective way to help build brand awareness, increase website traffic and promote your personal expertise.

Blogs can also help with SEO (search engine optimization). Rankings can improve with constantly fresh website content. Blogs add additional pages on the domain for Google to index, and can subsequently improve overall organic search visibility.