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We’re all about crafting brands and websites that pop for small businesses, startups, and non-profits—it’s what we wake up for, what we dream about, and what we do best.


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Leslie zigzagged from NYC’s buzz to Steamboat’s chill vibes, chasing family goals and now Front Range’s killer concerts and travel access—because why not? Her 25-year marketing whirlwind spans Harper’s Bazaar to a Soho Ad Agency, peaking with Hive180’s launch in 2016 alongside Daniel. They’re shaking up the biz with their coffee-fueled magic, Leslie leading with her signature mix of sass, smarts, and that unmistakably cool hair that just screams “Leslie”.

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Daniel swapped Texas’s plains for Colorado’s peaks in 2010, diving headfirst into craft beers and fly fishing in Fort Collins like he was born to it. His career has morphed from multimedia guru to a web and logo design wizard, making Hive180 clients do double-takes with his digital sorcery. Known for his visual storytelling and occasional snark, Daniel’s the cool catalyst behind transforming the mundane into the memorable.


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