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Our Mission.

Hive 180 is a collaborative creative marketing firm owned by two principles, Leslie Murphy and Daniel Sanders.

“We love what we do. It’s not just words, but our daily inspiration. We are so lucky to create for our clients. We want you to think of us as your own in-house marketing team. We can be as much or as little as your goals require, but one element remains true…our energy, professionalism, creativity and integrity will be the foundation of all endeavors we take on together.”

– Leslie & Daniel, Hive 180 Owners

Hive 180 invites you to call us and engage in thought-provoking conversation.

Come by for a coffee, or to bounce around ideas. If we’re a great fit to partner, we’ll pin point projects and layout a plan to grow your business.


HIVE 180!

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Meet the Team

Let’s get creative together.

Hive180 owner leslie murphy - Who We Are

Leslie Murphy


From the urban jungle of NYC, via Boulder, Leslie settled in Steamboat as the perfect place to raise children. Over 15 years later, Steamboat is indeed home.

Her 25-year diverse marketing background includes print ad sales for major mags like Harper’s Bazaar and Condé Nast Traveler, and New Business Director for a funky Soho Ad Agency.

After a decade freelancing in Steamboat’s marketing scene (did Steamboat have a marketing scene?), Leslie found her dream business partner in Daniel, and Hive 180 was born.

Her gregarious personality and keen perception bring honest, creative and focused direction to all of Hive 180’s clients and project management. 

Plus, she has cool hair.

Hive180 owner daniel sanders - Who We Are

Daniel Sanders


Daniel’s Colorado path came via Texas. He quickly adapted to mountain life and hasn’t looked back.

With an eclectic career background that includes titles such as camera operator, video editor, audio production specialist, lighting designer, photographer, web coder, graphic designer, and marketing specialist, his Hive 180 hats change daily. As do his actual hats. Bald heads get cold in the winter.

He is a certified FAA Drone Pilot and has always been more comfortable behind the camera. While a man of few words, those he opts to share can often be snarky. But hey, marketers are always up for some good ole snark.

His broad talents, calm demeanor and creative clarity offer distinct expertise to Hive 180’s clients.

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