Owner, Hive180

When Daniel ditched the Texas flat lands for Colorado’s rugged vistas back in 2010, he didn’t just settle in—he turned the mountains into his personal playground. Now, Fort Collins is where he kicks back, sampling craft beers and mastering the art of fly fishing like a true Colorado convert.

But here’s where it gets juicy: Daniel’s professional game is as varied as the Colorado landscape, but these days, he’s less about capturing the perfect shot and more about designing the kind of logos and websites that make clients do a double-take. Sure, he’s done everything from video editing to sound mixing, but it’s his wizardry in web design and knack for crafting iconic logos that really make the Hive180 buzz. And yes, his collection of hats is as diverse as his skill set—gotta keep that noggin warm.

Daniel’s true magic happens in the digital realm, where he conjures up brand identities that speak louder than words. Speaking of words, he might be a man of few, but when Daniel does throw in his two cents, it’s usually laced with the kind of snark that keeps the marketing world on its toes.

With his cool composure and knack for visual storytelling, Daniel’s part of the secret sauce behind Hive180’s brand-building prowess, turning blah into brilliant and meh into memorable.