Owner, Hive180

Leslie’s life reads like a hopscotch from the concrete buzz of NYC, a pit stop in Boulder, to finally kicking it in Steamboat—because apparently, it’s the nirvana for child-rearing. Fast forward 20 years, and she’s craving the Front Range life for its travel perks and, obviously, the concert scene (priorities, people!).

With a resume that’s as varied as her playlist, Leslie’s been in the marketing game for a cool 25 years, hustling print ad sales for the big leagues like Harper’s Bazaar and Condé Nast Traveler, and stirring things up as the New Business Director for a Soho Ad Agency that’s as quirky as her taste in music.

2016 was the year Steamboat’s marketing scene (yes, it exists, and yes, it’s as happening as Leslie makes it) witnessed a dynamic duo formation when Leslie and Daniel decided two heads are better than one, birthing Hive180 into the world.

Together, they’ve been jazzing up the business world, still bonding over coffee because some rituals are sacred. Leslie brings the party with her vibrant personality and sharp insights, driving Hive180’s direction with a blend of honesty, creativity, and laser-focus.

And let’s not forget the hair – it’s not just cool, it’s Leslie-cool, adding that extra flair to everything she touches.